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Stage Alert: I’ll Be Home For Christmas Starring Nicholas Miller


With the holiday season at hand, there are a lot of fun-filled family events to enjoy.  Langston Hughes High School , located in Fairburn, GA has a two-night event in store for the holidays.

The LLHS Box Theatre presents “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” on December 5th and 6th at 7pm.  Show tickets are only $5.00 each.

Since NICHOLAS MILLER  has a starring role as one of the main cast members (and he is my son), I was able to snag a quick interview from him after the debut night (THURSDAY) of the play, along with the help of my daughter MISS MOON THE STAR.  He was tight lipped about the play itself, ensuring that his mother would go and see it for herself. I plan on attending this evening.

Christmas Poster

OTR/ @AtticaLundy : Who is “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” written by?

Nicholas Miller:  The Acting II Class wrote I’ll Be Home For Christmas (an original screen play)

OTR/ @AtticaLundy : Is this your first performance in a play?

Nicholas Miller:  No, I did I did one with Ms. Woods last year, and prior to that I’ve always somehow landed roles, even when I didn’t want to be a part of it.

OTR/ @AtticaLundy : What’s an inside scoop?

Nicholas Miller: Crazy stuff goes on behind the scenes

OTR/ @AtticaLundy : How did you feel on stage?

Nicholas Miller:  Weird

OTR/@AtticaLundy Miss Moon The Star: Were you nervous?

Nicholas Miller:  Yeah

OTR/@AtticaLundy  How do you think you did?

Nicholas Miller:  I think I did good.  I did BAD.  No, I think I did good.

Why is the play only two days

Was it a lot of work?

Nicholas Miller:  Yeah, we had to write it.  Whoooa..are you…is this…is this an interview?!

OTR/ @AtticaLundy : Yes, it is ( ha ha).  Who constructs the set?

Nicholas Miller:   She ( Mrs. Vann-Wagner)  has a backstage crew.  They go in the back and build props, platforms..we built stairs, etc.

OTR/ @AtticaLundy : In acting class are u taught to act

Nicholas Miller:   Yes

OTR/ @AtticaLundy  I know this sounds like a strange questions, but….Does the acting class actually teach you how to act?

Nicholas Miller:  Background on acting, improv,’s really about trying to break out of your shell.  That’s the process.  It’s a class that teaches acting.  This play was a part of our Acting II grade.  We had to write it, and to do what it takes to perform it.

OTR @MissMoonTheStar :  Did you feel uncomfortable having people stare at you?

Nicholas Miller:  Tonight was an off night.  Because we’re still kids, Thursday night is our slow night.  Most people will come to the Friday night show.  Just in case we’re super nervous, we go in knowing that there won’t be as many people so it’s not as much stress.  Friday night we know is a bigger night, if that makes sense.  We’ll be ready.

Introducing Actor Jerod Haynes





Jerod Haynes born and raised on Chicago’s South Side. Jerod grew up playing sports which kept him from joining any street gang. Also his mom stayed on him, and instilled a spiritual base and belief in God. Jerod played basketball for Hales Franciscan high school in which they won state his junior year. He was awarded a scholarship to play college basketball at the University of Idaho. Played 2 seasons and transferred to Angelo State University before leaving to pursue a professional basketball career. In 2010, nothing came of that so Jerod decided to take an acting class. He was bit by the bug and now he seems to have found his niche. He began taking more classes at Acting Studio Chicago. Jerod has worked at Chicago’s ETA Theatre, where he started. From there he played Tom Robinson in Milwaukee Repertory Theatre’s To Kill a mockingbird in 2012. Then he studied in the UK, Oxford in a program called BADA(British American Drama Academy). Jerod was recently in ATC(American Theater Company’s) production of COLUMBINUS which is nominated for a Jeff Award “best ensemble”. He also will be featured on the upcoming highly anticipated video game Watch_Dogs which is set to be released this winter. Jerod is currently in Timeline Theatre’s production of A Raisin in the Sun in which he Plays Walter Lee Younger. The show has had rave reviews. He dedicates his work to his Daughter Jalaiya!!!


Walter Lee Younger (played as a coiled spring by the excellent Jerod Haynes).”,0,4214570.column


5 Stars


“Jerod Haynes’s Walter thrums with ache and need for the world to take him and his ideas seriously; it’s a powerful, intensely felt performance.”


“As Walter, Jerod Haynes kinetically depicts a haunted dreamer who needs this family to keep (the dream) from exploding: His hunger for happiness is almost enough to excuse all the excesses he can’t quite avoid. (Forget Sidney Poitier and Ruby Dee: This play lives again right here in Lakeview.)”


Jerod prides himself on the work! Hopes he squeeze all he can out to see what he is made of.



“Empire Of Dirt”
2013 Toronto International Film Festival


Tonya Lee Williams will appear as “Sandra” a Social Worker in the film “Empire Of Dirt”, produced by Jennifer Podemski, written by Shannon Masters and directed by Peter Stebbings, screening at this years Toronto International FIm Festival on September 6.  The two-time Emmy nominated actress is thrilled and honored to be a part of TIFF 2013.

Empire of Dirt, a story about three generations of Native Canadian women who find history repeating itself.  At 15, Lena (Cara Gee) was pregnant and kicked to the curb by a mother (Podemski), only 14 years her senior.  Since then, she’s been struggling to make ends meet in Toronto.  But when her own 13-year-old daughter (Shay Eyre – daughter of Smoke Signals director Chris Eyre) overdoses, and when her social worker (Williams) gets involved, Lena decides to return home and face the past she’s tried to escape.  Can family provide a second chance?
Williams ability to humanize her characters showing both their vulnerabilities as well as their strengths in honest portrayals has endeared her to dedicated fans world wide.  The actress, best known for her role as Dr. Olivia Winters on The Young and The Restless has worked with actors such as Danny Glover in the feature film Poor Boy’s Game, Tia and Tamara Mowry in the Lifetime film Double Wedding, Canadian actor James Robert McGowan in the CBC night-time hit drama The Border and with Rob Lowe in Prosecuting Casey Anthony.  A tireless advocate for diverse Filmmakers, the two-time NAACP recipient puts her notoriety to good use. Williams revolutionized the Canadian entertainment industry by founding the ReelWorld Film Festival, based in Toronto Canada, now in its 13th year.  ReelWorld’s mandate, to create opportunities for racially diverse artists, both in front of and behind the camera.  “I’m thrilled that Tonya accepted our offer to be in Empire of Dirt.  She’s a grounded and natural actor who’s participation helped us achieve the strength and realism we were hoping for. I’m forever grateful!”    Jennifer Podemski – producer

Official Trailer For Film May 2013 The Caribbean Heist


ericwilliamsThe “Caribbean Heist”, a motion picture about five women who move to Miami Beach in search of a better life (Ladies from NYC, Iowa, Russia, Dominican Republic and Miami). In Miami the struggling economy makes things difficult for the ladies so they decide to take a few risks by robbing rich business men they befriend that make millions of dollars illegally. The film stars former NBA star Eric Williams of VH1′s “Basketball Wives”. The Caribbean Heist will be available for download at May 10th, 2013.






The Caribbean Heist Movie has been marketed and talked about on VH1′s number one rated show Basketball Wives viewed by nearly 8 Million viewers. The movie was a major topic of conversation in 50% of the 10 shows in season 3. It makes for a great opportunity for companies partnering with ECSMG Media for product placement.

Official Trailer Executive Prod by @ruffff2  Available 4 Download @  May 10th


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Model Alexcina



ALEXCINA was born in Macon, Georgia and developed a love for entertainment at an early age.  She began dancing and participated in dance teams for school and community organizations in Macon and Savannah, Georgia   In addition, she developed a knack for business and studied marketing at Savanna State University.

ALEXCINA stepped in the modeling world in 2009 and has been gracing runways, posing for print, and promotional projects ever since.  She has modeled for Atlanta boutiques, upcoming and established designers from Atlanta, California, Florida, and China just to name a few. Alexcina_8

Along with modeling ALEXCINA is also in the world of marketing, working as a Web Marketing Coordinator in the corporate field.  She also earned an MBA in Entertainment Management and used this knowledge to start her own business - Paina B Music Marketing and BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog. With two companies developed in the Music Marketing field, ALEXCINA keeps busy with building her brand. 


Currently, she is pursuing acting to add to her resume and is off to a great start by having worked on independent and major film productions, web series, and TV sitcoms.   




“There is a lot that I want to do, a lot that I want to conquer but I can’t jump into all of them

at once. I want longevity in everything that I do so I have to be patient and take the time to

develop each project. But I have  faith that I’ll reach my goals and so much more!”


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