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The Blaq Hour W/ @BlaqKharma and KALA ALI – BACKBONE INTERVIEW

It’s 2016, and it’s a new age where social media and internet allows you to pretty much research anything and anyone, but things are time stamped and for people not currently in the media, America tends to forget.  Backbone of Dungeon Family can’t be forgotten because he was there in the beginning when the Atlanta sound of music really took off.  From 9pm-11pm/est on Monday May 2, 2016  everyone can tune into On The Rise Radio’s The Blaq Hour, where BackboneContinue reading

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Hood Hard Hitmakers CEO Speaks On Record Breaker Wednesdays

With the growing popularity as a DJ, DJ Aaries has managed to be a part of BET’s “Rap City” multiple times and is one of the new faces of Rocawear with the “I Will Not Lose” campaign. DJ Aaries is the FOUNDER of the DJ crew HOOD HARD HITMAKERS which was started in 2006. Since starting the crew the numbers have grown to 150+ DJs all over the South East. DJ Aaries is also the SEA 2009 Impact DJ of theContinue reading

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Chains Video review Usher ft Nas and Bibi Bourelly by Ifeelya

Edited by Attica Lundy Cooper    We live within a nation where every race in this boiling pot  is threatened, scared,unsure,and some unaware of what’s happening in front of their eyes. Our government system consisting of shaky decision makers with morally poor judgement mixed with law enforcers and our own people taking lives left and right it’s safe to say that  Revolutionary change is happening and everyone is taking part in it whether they want to or not. Amongst  manyContinue reading


How I Broke Up With Meat

Edited By: Kala Ali In this age, the definition of “healthy” swings wildly across so many different opinions that it has become almost as ambiguous an expression as the term “all-natural”.  There’s no question why people are too exhausted to participate in the health debate, and instead settle for the diet they’re more familiar with. There’s the ugly issue of access to consider—a political problem, then the issue of convenience—what’s time-efficient. Emptying out all the kitchen cabinets filled with everything you love because it doesn’tContinue reading

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Plug Djs CEO DJ KuttThroat Joins Team Risen and On The Rise Radio Record Breaker Weds

International Tour/Club DJ and CEO of Plug Djs (I Love My Plug) has joined “Attica Lundy PRsents On The Rise Radio” as the newest Team Risen mentor. This means so much to me because it seems like the filling in of a missing puzzle piece.  Since taking over as the head of On The Rise Magazine, our ceo (my husband Rafael “Jesus” Cooper) has always wanted to include the rest of his closest friends who began pursuing the dream ofContinue reading

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What Bio?

Hey there everyone! Thanks again for reading my articles here in your favorite mag! I pray that they’ve been informative and that you’ve been getting a lot out of them. I truly felt it on my heart to shed a little unbiased light to the On The Rise Community. It’s often difficult to get straight forward advise and information without a check, but again, this is On The Rise Magazine, so it’s our duty to inform you; especially those ofContinue reading

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@Realdeal_lock 4th quarter overview

Edited by: BlaqKharma and ATTICA LUNDY COOPER The 4th Quarter is a special time for the music industry. The elites release music for stamped cult-like fan bases. It is rare that an up-and-coming artist makes an impact. That kind of recognition says a lot about their work ethic and passion for their craft. Releasing the signature Real Deal mixtape Young Lock applies a grassroots approach to spread word throughout the Mid-West. Performing dynamic shows in cities like Chicago, Indianapolis, BowlingContinue reading

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Straight Outta Weed: This is the Re-Up

Dear Trap Family, Smoke Break On The Rise with another cloud of funk for your eyez, earsz, and mindz… Take back what’s yours and check ya boi strain of the week out ya digg…   GG Golden Goat (Sativa Dominant hybrid)   From its fruity smell to the golden color of the bud it gets a rating of 8.75 out of 10.  Absolutely amazing taste on the inhale, pungent gas on the exhale. Here is some info on the GoldenContinue reading

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Dear Hollywood: Michael Jackson Was Black (and Proud)

Originally published on 1/29/16 at:   The casting of a white man as Michael Jackson in a TV series set in 2001 is more than unnerving. It is actually a complete contradiction of who MJ was in 2001 and throughout his life. The year 2001 was a year, that if you look and listen to Jackson himself, he was nothing but a black man ringing the alarm about racism in the music industry. The industry was shaken by his outingContinue reading



This whole situation has got to be the dumbest mess I have ever seen in my entire life. Bobby Shmurda got hymned up for snitching on himself in the song “Hot Nigga“. You know, the song that made him a “one hit wonder”?…. Moment of silence before I go in…. We tend to embrace imagery of murder. We tend to talk about taking life, killing life, and dividing life…. We bask in negativity and call it “creative. In fact, weContinue reading