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Late Great Michael Jackson – A Place With No Name Official Video




With a little over 1.6 million followers, the late great Michael Jackson has once again made twitter news, this time having released his newest video.  Twitter feeds filled the timelines with

Michael Jackson – A Place With No Name Official Video

, something that seems quite remarkable seeing that MJ passed away some five years ago.  That’s how it’s done nowadays, though….bringing the dead back to life.  MJVideoReleaseOnTwitter

As a true MJ fan, I am not sure how I feel about that.  As an informed and conscious member of society, I’m not sure that I want them to keep recreating what has come and gone.  As a spirit, I wonder when everyone will allow Michael Jackson’s soul to rest in peace.  It’s hard being timeless, I suppose.  And for Michael Jackson, this is just the beginning.

His “short film” was released on Twitter at 10pm on Wednesday August 13, 2014 as one of the first music videos to premiere on the social platform.  Twitter has been planning on having exclusive rights to videos, just like YOUTUBE and VIMEO.  Once videos are released, it’s sure to be able to compete stronger than YouTube, VIMEO, and other social networks that allow video placements.  In early 2014, Twitter began testing promoted video’s from their sight, and due to response it looks like they’ll be definitely getting into the video market.  No worries, advertisers can be chrged per click at the moment, and pricing should regulate once more people use Twitter as a resource for video placement.  Video blogging is definitely the way to go.

So what else is MJ planning on doing?  Stay tuned to his timeline at (verified account) and keep up with his news.



Cam Major presents EVERYTHING MAJOR




Cam Major is a hip-hop artist from Atlanta, GA. He considers himself as lyricist and true student of the game and wants to use his abilities to invoke emotions…  according to his soundcloud bio.  We think he’s definitly Major :)

Cam Major puts his own personal twist on one of Wiz Khalifa’s cuts off his ’28 Grams’ mixtape. He impresses with his meticulous flow and word play. He proves he more than just a freestyler or battle rapper. Be on the look out for visuals coming soon. “Gold Caskets” compilation LP still on the way. 


>>Stream “Everything Major” here <<



Twitter: @Cam_Major

Soundcloud Link:

Talking to Emerging Lyricist, Terrerizm



CAM01278 (1)


With the reemergence of the lyricst again on the 2013 hip hop roster, 2014 is guaranteed to be popping. One of the bright spots will be the Skale Boyz with artist Terrerizm leading their campaign. You can envision Terrerizm as a battering ram invading the castle. Coming back to back with hard hitting lyrics over original hot tracks. Clearly what will set Terrerizm apart from the pact will be the fact he is no spring chicken, he is a artist who has experienced life and it comes out in his gritty flow.

West Philadelphia born and raised…lol…sound familiar? Hope so because Terrerizm is just that. Philadephia is famously known for its hot lyricist and Terrerizm wont disappoint. What is even more appealing is that he’s a throwback of when rappers didnt immulate each other and every tape you popped in sounded different and diverse in concepts. Without a shadow of a doubt he qualifies as a gangster rapper but his life and love of good 80′s r&b and ol school hip hop are skillfully blended into his music. Every track is intended to transport you back in time to cocaine 80′s early 90′s as he describes as “The Golden Era of The Hustler”.

To clearly understand Terrerizm the artist, you must first understand the concept which Skale boyz Music is based upon. To be a Skaleboy, is to be someone who’s life is teetering in the balance, someone who wants to do good but only sees bad resources for his goal. We dare you to live a week with his music. Classic? Do we dare say? Let you be the judge. But one thing is for sure to combine rock soulful r&b and hip hop is an accomplishment only done by the greats.

Hannah Spivey: Hello. How are you?

Terrerizm: Im fine and yourself

Hannah Spivey: I’m doing well. So tell our readers a little about yourself and what you do?

Terrerizm: I am a  rap artist and CEO of Skale Boyz Music Group

Hannah Spivey: Whu did you decide  to get into your occupation?

Terrerizm: Never was a choice, it was always something I’ve done. I decided to take it more serious this past year.

Hannah Spivey: What makes you stand out from all the other artists?

Terrerizm: My voice, showmenship and not looking to sound the same. I actually lived in both Philly and the South so both music genres are infused in me. I also study all music

Hannah Spivey: Who have you had the opportunity to work with in the industry?

Terrerizm: When I was younger  I got a quick buzz so I was able to work with legends such as DJ Miz, Ruggedness, Madd Drama and Kamaflaj

Hannah Spivey: What are you currently working on?

Terrerizm: Da Golden Era of the Husla expected to be released late Spring

Hannah Spivey: Who would you like to work with?

Terrerizm: Troy Ave, Rick Ross and Pusha T to name a few

Hannah Spivey: What do many people not know about you?

Terrerizm: My musical range and the fact my inspiration comes from rock more so than rap

Hannah Spivey: What should we expect from you in the near future?

 Terrerizm: Album release, pop ups, performances, and free cd giveaways

Hannah Spivey: What and who inspires you to keep going?

Terrerizm: Wanting to hear myself and seeing how far I can go. Also the ability to work with the artists I listen to

Hannah Spivey: How can people find and connect with you?

Terrerizm: Instagram: skaleboyz_terrerizm

Twitter: Terrerizm

Soundcloud: Search Skaleboyz




Written By:  Wisdom





What we have here is 5.6.3. Entertainment Presents Philly Blocks: Kapo Musik 2. The Louisville slugger comes out swinging on this Southern meets East Coast offering. Using the tried and true formula that is permeating speakers throughout urban jungles, Philly Blocks is intent on making a name for himself in the crowded rap arena. Fourteen cuts (including an intro) touch on various topics familiar to listeners of Trap/Southern Rap. After the obligatory “Intro”, Philly Blocks starts off strong with “My Thoughts”. This is the most powerful cut on Kapo Musik 2, as it allows Blocks to wax poetic over a soulful sample. With lyrical skill, he paints vivid pictures for listeners to understand where his mind is throughout this mixtape. “Inner city blues like Marvin Gaye” is one of the poignant gems that Philly Blocks drops on this song. “Limits” is another tune that captures the attention of eardrums, with an infectious backdrop serving as the foundation for lyrics laced with venom. The themes are nothing new: drugs, jail, street life. Philly Blocks manages to spit lyrics without sounding pretentious or fake. His reality mirrors the the lives of those that are drawn into his musical world. “Lord Have Mercy” is his thug prayer, showing Dipset influences thoughtout. This is the cut that has Philly Blocks showing that spiritual side, even if it is draped in urban, street lingo. You can tell that the Kentucky thoroughbred pours his soul into his music through liquid lyrics.

Truth be told, he is not Kendrick Lamar or Lupe Fiasco when it comes to lyrical dexterity or complexity, but he doesn’t profess to be in that mold. What you are getting is a true to HIS heart artist that is using rap as a tool to spit about the ills in society. These images may not be pretty, but they are indeed real. “Celebration” touches on this, as Philly Blocks talks about friends and comrades in the struggle for survival. Typical tales of street existence and getting rich are littered through this celebratory song. The next two selections give props to UGK legend Pimp C. “Pimp C (Skit)” and “Pimp C Of My City”are both nods to Chad Butler, who put Port Arthur, Texas on the map (alongside his rhyming cohort Bun B). You get the notion with these two additions to Kapo Musik 2 that Philly Blocks has been a true fan since the days of Ridin’ Dirty (check the UGK discography). “Pimp C Of My City” brings the listener into that Texas state of mind. Keeping with that Texas theme, we have the next offering, “Kali Texas” (featuring Lock From Da Block). “Smokin’ on that Cali (Kali), sippin’ on that Texas” is the mantra for this Philly Blocks/chopped and screwed-like mixtape cut.  The slow, methodical track is the appropriate backdrop for the syrup-laced track.  Giving those within earshot a more melodic cut for the feminine persuasion, “Love Me Or Leave Me” is an ambient selection.  The atmospheric track provides just enough space for Philly Blocks to spit 21st century game at the ladies.  He gives us just another glimpse into his multi-faceted thug persona.  “Moving”, the tenth track on Kapo Musik 2, starts with audio from voicemail messages setting the stage for Philly Blocks to use a double-time flow.  This flow is another weapon in the arsenal for making power moves and stacking chips.

The most auspicious title on Kapo Musik 2 is “Iran Contra” (featuring Bankroll Chaser and Big Q).  The psuedo-political title makes way for Blocks, Chaser and Q to compare the large-scale drug wars during the Reagan era with the happenings on many urban streets today.  The concept is a dope one, even if not executed at a high degree.  Another ode to money-making on this mixtape is “Road To Riches”.  Topics ranging from fed time, commissaries, and gone but not forgotten street soldiers is filtered through “Road To Riches”.  It’s a dirty tale, to say the least, but also an inspirational one.  You can feel, yet again, Philly Blocks taking listeners on a tour through every hood and ghetto in America.  “Celebration (Remix)”, featuring Lil Daddy O and Jamarcus, covers familiar territory over a nice track.  This remix of Track 5 has each artist bringing their vision to the masses, saluting those still in the struggle, in the system, in the trap (whatever that proverbial trap may be).  The last selection on Kapo Musik 2, “It’s Going Down” (featuring Bandman), gives you that Hotlanta bounce and feel reminiscent of Young Dro a few years ago.  The title is self-explanatory, as both rhymers detail what’s really going on in Trap USA.

Kapo Musik 2 doesn’t break any new ground lyrically or thematically.  It’s the same, or very similar, story of young Black males circumventing, navigating, and transversing a system not designed for his success.  Philly Blocks adds his own unique seasonings to his Kentucky-fried saga, giving those listening to Kapo Musik 2 more food for thought.  With 5.6.3. Entertainment backing their flagship artist, you should be seeing and hearing more from this artist in the future.


Twitter:  @PhillyBlocks




Mixtape Link:



Houston Texas BlueBoy


Artist Information

flyer pic


Blueboy’s a man of few words (unless he’s rapping) and a lot of action. He keeps it real at all time and that’s the only type of people he will align himself with. He is THA REALEST lyricist you never heard but is waiting to hear, promise. His style is best describe as a lyrical storyteller that invokes thought and incites crowds with substance filled songs that deal with real life emotions, thoughts, and dreams. He first started rapping during the summer break between 8th and 9th grade after breaking his leg and not knowing if he was going to be able to play football anymore. He was born in Hiram Clarke (Houston, TX) in Oct.’82 where he was the youngest of 5 and lived for 8yrs but after personal hardship he moved to Galveston, TX in Dec.’90. After graduating from Ball High School in 2001 he moved back to Houston and enrolled at Texas Southern University where He major in Electronic Engineering from 2001-2004. While attending school his girlfriend at the time became pregnant with their beautiful daughter and suddenly school was pushed to the side in favor of finding a job to support her. Working a regular job was fine for the time but he wanted and still wants so much more for himself and his daughter. The living check to check thing wasn’t cutting it anymore so shortly after she was born in ’04 he started back writing and recording new songs with a more defined sense of direction and greater desire to become the greatest rapper ever. And before it’s all said and done Blueboy will be.

Blueboy’s current single “See About It” which was self released in the first half of 2012 has received national support from varies dj crews including the Core Djs, Hustle Squad Djs, GO Djs, Fleet Djs, 704 Djs, Drum Squad Djs, Vamplife Djs, Hood Approved Dj’s, BoothPimps, New Music Djs, Definition Djs, ect. which in turn garnered radio play from stations such as Shade 45, Power 92(Chicago, IL), 92Q Jams(Baltimore, MD), WiLD 104.9(Oklahoma City, OK), Foxie 105(Columbus, GA), 97.9 The Box(Houston, TX), Soul 92 Jams(Rocky Mount, NC) & Club 93.7(Flint, MI). The momentum behind Blueboy’s single “See About It” resulted in it peaking at 131 on the Urban Charts…thus far.




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The Reel Talk Vol. 1
Unique Styles Vol. 14 by Da Hitman
The Goods Vol. 2 by Dj Good Grounds
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Hip Hop Collection Vol. 1 Hosted by Dj Twinn Loco
Sunt These Niggas by DJ Ill Will
Below Freezing by Dj Hotboy Smooth
One 21 Ten Music Presents The Shortest Month Mixtape
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DJ Michael Watts Swishahouse’s On My Way To SXSW 2012
Shake That bASS Hosted by DJ D-Fense
DJ Currensy Go Hard Or Go Home 15: Back @ It
SXSW Takeover 2013
Legend Mixtapes’ Free Agents Vol. 4

Single’s that are streaming and/or radio airplay:
“See About It”
“Showin Naked Ass”
“No Kin of Mine”
“Im a G”
“My Life”
“Aint No”
“Never Wanna Change”
“No One Else”

Official Website


Artist Spotlight Los Angeles’ REEM RICHES




As the #Artistry machine continues with the release of “Road  2 Reem Riches Vol. 2″ following the over 500k views he recently received on his youtube video “Itching Freestyle”, Reem Riches continues his climb to the top with no mercy gaining over 75k first week downloads for his new mixtape. The emerging west coast artist from YG and DJ Mustard’s Pushaz Ink The Label is gaining national recognition and fast. After having his music featured in the Kevin Durant Nike commercial with DJ Mustard the internet is going crazy for the young west coast artist from Los Angeles, CA. The internet darling delivers his music with a patent, laid-back, smooth flow that is becoming his trademark style. The ladies love him while the streets embrace him. The music speaks for itself and speaks volumes of introspective and street savvy rhymes that most can relate to.

“Road 2 Reem Riches Vol. 2″ mixtape link hosted by DJ Mustard and DJ Carisma

Up next for the young artist is promoting his solo and group mixtapes at show dates in northern and southern California. “The hard work has just begun” according to the 23 year old as he has already begun working on his next project which is untitled. His plan is to shoot music videos for every track on the mixtape and let the fans decide the next single. He plans on continuing to work with his Pushaz Ink family TY$, YG, and Mustard as he continues to expand his brand working with E-40, Mann, RJ Mr. LA, and Jet Pack Jones.

Reem Riches Links

Reem Riches “Itchin” Freestyle Video - Over 500k Views

Previous Mixtape Releases:


Cevell Lewis -
Max Gousse - (@MaxArtistry)
Website -

Artist Spotlight: Atlanta’s Own Playboii Nard




Born Kennon Redding, Playboii Nard always knew he would be a star from
the first time he hit the stage at the tender age of six years old. “I
always felt like I was made for this,” Playboii Nard confesses.
Although he feels like he has a style of his own, he doesn’t deny his
musical influences like Hot Boyz, Biggie Smalls, Rakim, Ice Cube,
Eminem, Snoop Dogg, TI, Jay Z,Bone Thugs N Harmony and A Host of others . Playboii Nard wants to take on the music industry from every angle with his plans of performing not only rap but rock as well.

Check out Key – Non & YG Cash – In Da Trap

Check out Playboii Nard on Facebook HERE

Check out Playboii Nard on Twitter HERE

For Booking Contact 404-423-0831





New Atlanta Female Rap Duo Taylor Girlz



Atlanta’s Newest Female Rap Duo TAYLOR GIRLZ Releases Debut Single ‘BANG BANG

TAYLOR GIRLZ Rocking The Atlanta Music Scene

For Immediate Release

(Oct. 23, 2013 – Atlanta, GA) The Atlanta music scene is now buzzing with the new female Taylor Girlz with their new single ‘Bang Bang’. The single is currently spinning on turntables of major DJs in Atlanta. With this enormous buzz, the duo has been performing at nightclubs in Atlanta giving a ripples effect on fans in the streets. ‘BANG BANG’ will be featured on their upcoming not yet titled mixtape along with possible features from the Migos and Lil Wayne.

TGZ explain why music comes so natural to them, “Our whole family is in the music business. It is in our blood. From our first introduction to writing to beats, our rhythm and flow became as easy as the air we breathe daily. Watching our father go hard for this dream to become a reality made us want to go even harder for the dream to set in as our God given path. TGZ is about being dedicated, focused and determined. We want to set this tone for our fan worldwide.”

Bold, vibrant and versatile is the combination that is presented by The Taylor Girlz. Born in Alabama, yet raised in the city of Atlanta, the unique characters of these young ladies sets forth a powerful force of talent. The group’s energy sets a tone of excitement, party melodies and a diverse platform of lyrical keen and spirits. The Taylor Girlz ignites the music scene with music that everyone is sure to relate to. For further information the Taylor Girlz visit

Click HERE To Listen To BANG BANG –

Download BANG BANG -

Artist Info:




Introducing Heron Rodriquez

I am Heron Rodriguez representing Hip-Hop and every ghetto in America. I am originally from Talladega, Alabama. Right now, I live on the road. Wherever there is a stage, recording studio or radio station, I can be found.
I love all music but my favorite is Hip-Hop/Rap. Coming up in a racist, impoverished area like Talladega County made me learn survival and hard work. I bring my story to not only America but also the world. I have been a child, son, father, brother, musician, athlete, drug dealer, thief, criminal, lover, fighter, etc. You name it and I have been through it. Come witness my story. From 2Pac to James Brown, my musical influences range far and wide. My new mixtape/EP is entitled In The Beginning God Created… You can find it on LiveMixtapes. My lead single “Hero” is catching fire around the country. Catch me on tour this fall up and down the east coast and out west as well as my origins: the south.
 Words by Heron Rodriquez
Edited and placements by Attica Lundy Cooper  

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UK Connection: Abby Power


Watch Ova Me 1real

ABBY POWER is an 18 year old female rapper from London, who has been a recording artist since September 2010. Embracing the hip hop culture snce an early age, Abby has a specific new school sound that brings you right back to the past when the hip hop culture in the UK was at its peak.  Using catchy hooks to partner the in depth lyrics she writes, a message is always easily portrayed and enjoyed in her music.

“Vintage State of mind” was released for free download on the 20th June 2012


Follower Abby on: