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@Realdeal_lock 4th quarter overview

Edited by: BlaqKharma and ATTICA LUNDY COOPER The 4th Quarter is a special time for the music industry. The elites release music for stamped cult-like fan bases. It is rare that an up-and-coming artist makes an impact. That kind of recognition says a lot about their work ethic and passion for their craft. Releasing the signature Real Deal mixtape Young Lock applies a grassroots approach to spread word throughout the Mid-West. Performing dynamic shows in cities like Chicago, Indianapolis, BowlingContinue reading


ASCAP: The ins and outs of registering with this PRO.

Hello again! Boy it’s such a beautiful Thursday here in the A! I’ve missed you all! Hope that you’re taking notes on this series so you can keep up with what’s happening! So last week, we were discussing BMI. I told you about the benefits of registering with them. Seems pretty legit, if you ask me… And since you’re reading this, well, I guess you’re asking me! Remember, there are 4 PROs that you have a choice to register with.Continue reading

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Straight Outta Weed: This is the Re-Up

Dear Trap Family, Smoke Break On The Rise with another cloud of funk for your eyez, earsz, and mindz… Take back what’s yours and check ya boi strain of the week out ya digg…   GG Golden Goat (Sativa Dominant hybrid)   From its fruity smell to the golden color of the bud it gets a rating of 8.75 out of 10.  Absolutely amazing taste on the inhale, pungent gas on the exhale. Here is some info on the GoldenContinue reading

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Dear Hollywood: Michael Jackson Was Black (and Proud)

Originally published on 1/29/16 at:   The casting of a white man as Michael Jackson in a TV series set in 2001 is more than unnerving. It is actually a complete contradiction of who MJ was in 2001 and throughout his life. The year 2001 was a year, that if you look and listen to Jackson himself, he was nothing but a black man ringing the alarm about racism in the music industry. The industry was shaken by his outingContinue reading


King Jamez: Already Str8

Whenever I hear the words “Independent Grind”, one person almost instantly comes to mind: King Jamez. King Jamez is the reigning king of the underground heavily concentrated in the south. King Jamez decided to take his music serious at a very early age. Since making that decision, he has dedicated and devoted all of his time into becoming bigger and better. That perseverance has paid off. He is one of the best… For him, it is deeper than just rhymingContinue reading


Gotsta be Official! A few more steps to pursuing the business of the music.

  Greetings good friends! I have really been enjoying bringing education to the nation about becoming a Real player in this Music Game. I know a lot of people just simply don’t have the tools or the ability to gain the knowledge on whats required in the Music Business, but once again, have no fear! On The Rise Mag is here to help you… because we care. I’ve been ranting on and on for a few weeks now about how importantContinue reading

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Iman Shumpert Mixtape Review of Shumpman the M.D. by #Ifeelya

Edited BY AtticaLundy Cooper Iman Shumpert not only delivered his beautiful baby girl Iman Jr., but shortly after also delivered a surprisingly smooth mixtape along with her. Released on his daughters original birthday (January 16, 2016),  Shumpert gave his fans a 6 track project appropriately named “Shumpman the M.D. Now I have to be honest. I am not a huge sports fan and I was unaware of the Cavalier player.  And as I read through comments about his work, IContinue reading


Getting paid for those shows yet? How bout a check for the radio play?

Hey hey! Hope your week has been splendid! I know mine has! I just wanted to take the time to talk to you a little more about this whole legitimization of your current music project. Last week, we were talking about song jackers. I was telling you all about how much it Sucks to get your music stolen by big artists. (Side note: if this has happened to you before, I want to know about it! I mean, it’s muchoContinue reading


Do want to get your music stolen or what?

  So here’s the thing, I’ve been doing promo for people for almost 10 years now. The majority of my clientele are music artists. I’ll be the first to say that I’m only speaking from my own opinions. These are not the views of On The Rise Magazine or its affiliates. To me, for someone to truly have a desire to pursue a career in music, they must do their research. This can be a very tricky game indeed, andContinue reading

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Review of Young Lock’s “Real Deal” Mixtape

Young Lock’s “Real Deal” Mixtape Review Written by Ifeelya Edited by TheOneTrueAngel and AtticaLundy Cooper Kentucky bred Young Lock is a solid representation of the raw, powerful, talent the city of Louisville has to offer. He gives me and his audience a pure balance of “Real” and “Solid” bars that everyone living the everyday grind of life and chasing success can relate to. Though the project initially endured a minor set back Lock, and his team still successfully revels and all his hard workContinue reading