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Broadway Smoke Shop 108 S. Broadway Street Denver, Colorado 80209

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On one of the busiest streets in south east Denver is South Broadway Street.  It’s the home of On The Rise Magazine’s newest locations, as well as the area’s happening spots.  From restaurants to bars to pubs, quirky artsy shops,  and more, the area provides a nice laid back scene.  The nightlife on the street includes live entertainment and most importantly, it includes Broadway Smoke Shop.



Broadway Smoke Shop is located at 108 S. Broad Street , Denver CO 80209.  It’s not advertised much, but its definitely an important part of the community since 2014.  Recently under new management, the company has so much in store for it’s customers, new and old. With so many selections of standard head shop items mixed in with apparel and jewelry and art, it is definitely a local’s must to go spot and a visit’s must visit list spot. Broadway Smoke Shop is the ONLY smoke shop in the area that has late night hours ( 11am to 11pm mtn 7 days/week).

Like a lot of head shops (smoke shops), Broadway Smoke Shop carries a variety of items.  One of the unique things it has, though, is a large selection of locally made products (which I consider art).  Local Denver and Colorado jewelers, clothing designers, glass blowers, and more have the opportunity to display and sell their products in-store.


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The staff is very friendly and the customers seem the really enjoy that after a long day at work, they can still possibly catch Broadway Smoke Shop open.  People never get enough of dreaming of what their next collectors item will be, because in the world of glass their are pieces and then there are PIECES.


Jewelry is a favorite item at Broadway smoke shop.  Chakra jewelry is very popular, as are healing crystals.  Broadway Smoke Shop carries a nice variety of selections to choose from.  I thought these pendants were very pretty.

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The cannabis industry in Colorado has definitely helped the smoke shop industry, that’s for sure.  Broadway Smoke Shop receives a lot of their customers coming from or going to cannabis dispensaries. In fact, many of the ones in the area are aware of Broadway Smoke Shop and even have customers that learned of them from the dispensaries.  Says one local Colorado resident that lives in the outskirts of the city, “We get off work so late and Broadway Smoke Shop is the only one open.  It’s not by my house, but where we live there’s nothing like this.  There’s so much in here, different stuff.  I’m coming back in two days when we get paid and they’ll get most of my paycheck because I’m shopping for ME”.

There are a lot of customers that enjoy the fact that at Broadway Smoke Shop, you can find things that capture to just you.  Whether it’s the incense, jewelry, clothing, water pipes, smoking accessories, or even novelty items there is always something for everyone  ( 18yrs old and up).  It’s a smoke shop, what’s there not to love.  But on Broadway Street….SOUTH Broadway Street….Broadway Smoke Shop is definitely one in a million and a place that is a MUST GO TO.

On The Rise Magazine will be featuring more from Broadway Smoke Shop in the next coming months.  We’ll get to see first hand the new changes being made, and how that ties in with the smoke industry.  Manager Amanda and Employee Amy have indicated that there will be things coming up that will definitely have the customers coming back for more, in my opinion. And as always, you’ll receive the inside scoop right here, so stay tuned.


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