#BreakingNews! Young Lock is Booked in Macon, GA! Live Performance Tonight!! (12/22/2014)



(Project Risen Artist Young Lock)

       No, I assure you this is not a game. When On The Rise Magazine launched the Project Risen Program, all the things that are coming to pass are pre-destined. It goes with out mention that the Attica Lundy Brand is responsible for opening the doors for participants of Project Risen. It is no surprise that the members of Project Risen are placed in meaningful situations to receive meaningful outcomes!

         In the place to be is Young Lock, the cool, laid back, lyricist with a master plan. 10414460_299810396896623_3461805113105432351_nYoung Lock, member of Project Risen, is making his mark on his second Risen Experience Tour. This time, he is being spotted all throughout the city of Macon, G.A., making new friends that are becoming fans. The hand to hand, in your face, promo that Young Lock is currently providing to the locals of Macon have already awarded him a bit of status in the city. His new fans look forward to seeing his performance tonight at Sparks Lounge! Congrats Young Lock, You do this, mane!! See you when you’re “Returning from Earning.”

Sparks Lounge

3671 Mercer University Dr

Macon, G.A.


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