#BreakingNews! Open Minded Media Group Artists Debut in Macon, GA Tonight!!! 12/22/2014

We have been telling you all about this Project Risen Experience for quite some time now! It’s evident that the program which allows clients an opportunity to gain media, mentorship, marketing, and management strategies through On The Rise Magazine’s supreme network, is an effective tool in garnering exposure and success for clients in any field.


The newest members of Project Risen, M1 Muz ik and I Feel Ya, are fresh and ready to take their music careers to the top! The Project Risen members have 10257548_10203731272260613_8162150705590973997_oalready been touring Atlanta and meeting influential entertainment resources. Now, M1 Muzik and I Feel Ya (the artists representing Louisville, KY’s Open Minded Media Group) are in the streets of Macon, GA. They are currently attending meetings, asking questions, networking with industry helpfuls, and getting to know the neighbors down in Macon, GA. They have made themselves known! Get ready!! M1 Muzik and I Feel Ya perform their hit single, “Or Nah”. They will shake the crowd! Congrats team! Great Job!

Sparks Lounge

3671 Mercer University Dr.

Macon GA



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