#BreakingNews! Cadence Sings at Sparks Lounge in Macon, G.A. 12/22/2014!

cadence ifeelya (Cadence and fellow artist I Feel Ya in Macon, GA)

So we just got the scoop! Singer, Cadence is on the scene in Macon GA, paving her way! The sultry songstress is making all the right moves by joining the Project Risen Tour. She is currently in Macon, GA, touring the town with some of the most well known figures! Last night, Sunday, December 21, 2014, the Louisville native, Cadence shook hands with L.J. Malone, businessman and entrepreneur, also known as the “The Man in Mac-Town!” Cadence is making moves and building her network! Right Now! 


(L.J. Malone endorses Cadence in Macon, GA)

Stay Tuned! Cadence meets the city of Macon, GA and gears up for her performance tonight at:

Sparks Night Club

3671 Mercer University Dr.

Macon, GA


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