‘Breaking The Generational Chains’ Non Profit Owner, Shar Bates Moderates The Youth Summit, ‘All Lives Mattering’




With all that’s in the news these days about police brutality, someone really ought to do something to make sure our kids are educated about what to and not to do in the face of dangerous situations with police. On a beautiful day in Atlanta, GA, rising radio host, tv host, and non profit owner, Shar Bates was called to be the voice in the streets to deliver knowledge to the youth. She developed a teen summit called ‘All Lives Mattering’ with a host of celebrity panelists to tackle issues involving police brutality.

Shar Bates, prophetically called to be a helping spirit to the youth, has been working along side Atlanta promoter and entrepreneur, TJ Making Moves in a charge to end police brutality and bring a change to relations between the young black community, and the agency that’s supposed to protect them. Tj Making Moves has been instrumental in speaking out against violence amongst the police force, especially since his brother, Nick Thomas, 23, of Cobb Co. GA was slain by the Smyrna Police in March of this year. TJ Making Moves has been fighting for #Justice4Nick was definitely in attendance.

Unfortunate events that frequent our timelines, our television screens, the media need to be addressed. “So often we talk at the kids and they don’t get a chance to talk about the issues that are in the headlines,” says Shar when we asked her why she felt it was important to hold a conference of the young minds. She orchestrated a full celebrity panel consisting of Michael Keith (112), Benzino, Blu (Bad Girls Club), Lil Bankhead, Mishon (Lincoln Heights), Phillip Hudson, Money Bag, Mawuli Davis, David Shands (Sleep Is 4 Suckers), Mama K Camp, Pezo of POP (Pain on Paper), and many more friends. They served the youth well and provided them with a solid source of adult support.

Among the host of supporters and panelists included @MsBossLadii. If you remember from our recent breaking news stories, @MsBossLadii’s daughter was held in a Henry Co. jail from Friday, May 8, 2015 through May 14, 2015 after involuntarily reacting to being frightened, aggressively handled, and slammed to the ground by a school resource officer- who also holds a the title of Sheriff. “He grabbed her by the arm & pulled her up… At this point, it was assault… He pulled her & told her to continue walking… Once he pushed her she scratched him in the face… He then grabbed her by her hair & slammed her on the ground…” stated @MsBossLadii about the happenings her daughter encounteted in a place that’s supposed to keep her safe.


At the public’s beck and cry for a live function to bring these issues to the forefront was Shar Bates. Her non profit, ‘Breaking The Generational Chains’ hosted the youth summit where there was even a police officer who explained the laws a little more clearly for people to be able to make a certified judgement call on how to respond to police. The laws are tricky.

Shar is available for the community and we are honored to have exclusive updates from her. We look forward to working with her on various projects to come. She is determined to be the voice of the youth and she humbly serves the public.

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