Bordello and YDD Cosanostrakidd Str8 Off The Porch

Dear Trap Family,

Smoke Break

Cosanostrakidd … Took me by surprise….



The first time I ever noticed him was in the Skooly video thriller.  Automatically biased being a fan of “Westside” music and looking to the future… It’s looking good, pouring out liquor for the homies left an lasting impression on me as I thought about the ritual and what it means to young African Americans. Symbolic of mourning their dead, having a drink for the homie. I thought to myself, “its something about buddy”.


And suddenly in my quest for keeping up with the on the rise community, I can’t help but “feel” the buzz over at Street Execs!!! Shout out to 2 Chainz TRU University. Which brings me to my point I had no idea he was an artist. I had no idea he had a project out.  I wasn’t even following him on social media, literally categorized him with the “homies” cameo section. Man, he was that and so much more!  I was like “Whatttttt…he got a LIVE MIXTAPES and everything huh…let me give the yungin a chance… Gotta be heat…Skooly been yelling this the whole time”…lol, When I actually saw the mixtape cover I thought it said straight Torch…


lol I was high…Torch=Weed= (Flavor of the week is Bordello from Kind Love Dispensary. They have really good Bordello. It’s a Hybrid, I’ve looked it up on Leafly and it’s descriptions fit it well.  “Bordello is a strain that is slightly indica-dominant in makeup, but it also provides patients with a heavy dose of sativa-like mental effects. This strain hits behind the eyes first, with some tingling and a release of pressure that may make it an effective choice for treating migraines or eye conditions such as glaucoma. The relaxation spreads throughout the body, giving powerful pain relief. While this cross of Blueberry Apocalypse and Alexis strains makes patients feel euphoric and uplifted, it definitely knocks out all mental focus, so save it for a day that’s free of pressing plans. Bordello’s flowers will be loose with some curly leaves and have a subtle fruit and herb aroma.” is what Leafly says about it.  Slightly Indica may be an understatement.  It’s really good for Stress, Depression, Pain, Muscle Spasms, and Fatigue.  It’s a perfect strain for artists, writers, reviewers, etc. It’s a good strain for writing music reviews because it defiantly puts you in a zone and relaxed state of mind…


…Back to the music, I immediately knew it was “Str8 Off The Porch” (not Torch) once I started listening to it.  The feel, set and setting is perfect for the purpose of what he was conveying to me; the listener. Thankfully I am able to relate to the area of dynamic. He mentions common areas in Atlanta I grew up in and remember from childhood. His music brings a sense of home to me; the writer. First I listen and “wow” ‘d throughout the whole mixtape… From 1 to 15  I listened with what we call “a critical ear”, technically with the intent of finding a reason to hate, but you know what…. that didn’t happen. Not once.  I have to say, the yungin is riding extra hard.  He is a soothing tune for the ear of westside Atlanta (which if you know Atlanta, is a really tough area to speak vaguely)  I have to say I have added the Cosanostrakidd to the list of artist to watch…

YDD™ has been added to my list of personal rotation along with skooly and 2chainz.

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