Black Pope aka Cizzle Da Money Addict #MBG4Eva Review

Zaytoven Presents Cizzle

The Black Pope known as Cizzle Da Money Addict is a name in Louisville,Kentucky that has been in conversations as being one of several artist that show consistency along with quality music. His #MBG4Eva brand definitely not an overnight story. Cizzle takes it up a few notches with his collaboration tape with Grammy Award winning producer Zaytoven. This 8 track tape is hosted by Dirty Fork DJs & Flight Skool DJs own DJ Murph and MusikFene giving it the official stamp it needs to satisfy his loyal fan base as well grab the world ears with this colossal brand clash trademarking his way to the door of the independent world.

“Hold That Thought” starts with the official and legendary Zaytoven along with Murph tag to bring the tape strongly. Cizzle brings a different flow pattern then most would think or prefer. Cizzle manages to show his uniqueness in delivery while keeping the track turned up.

“Hot Boyz” & “Pour Up” is the trap singles for his fan base while still displaying his singing abilities along with catchy hook skills. Of course its the same lingo of the trap that is relevant and identical the hoods all over America while flexing his fast paced flow & lyrical ability all at once.Cizzle’s “Hot Boyz” track might be ring bells with similar production and title with Bankroll Fresh single “Hot Boy” but Cizzle manages to separate his track to any comparison which is a great key component to have in this rapid change in the business.

Right after the Black Pope speaks on the reality and stresses of being in theĀ  shoes of Cizzle in “Every Pic”. Cizzle displays his storytelling skills on life tolls and the mindframe in survival of street life. The same is also shown on “20 Brickz” where Zaytoven & Cassius Jay collaborate on production. Questions of loyalty to the teamĀ  while raising to the top of street stardom while staying aware.

The final track to the #MBG4Eva composition is called “Shoody”. This track gives off the energy of the GodFather feel. This feels like an anthem to pay respects to the MBG brand. The raspy voice in the beginning puts you in a place Starlito emotions, Cizzle wordplay and delivery over Zaytoven signature 808s, piano chords and scales along with his organs.

Overall this monumental collaboration between Da Money Addict and Zaytoven held up to the anticipation upon its release. While listening you can point out the obvious influences from Future and Starito but remains to articulate and display the Black Pope originality which is great not falling into the follower category. As stated before this trapped and flexed out from beginning to end and well arranged over the great selection choice of Zaytoven production. Also this has no features which show and proves can hold his own which is rare in today’s industry.

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