Birthday Cake From Life Flower Dispensary

Cake, cake, CAKE!

Hello to everyone from Denver. My name is Jai and I’m new to the On The Rise Magazine team.  I’m excited for this new adventure. I thought writing would be my least favorite but it is actually becoming my most favorite things to do. Sheesh talk about high school nightmares *quivers*. When I thought about what I wanted to write about I couldn’t think of ONE topic that would interest me enough to consistently write until it literally HIT me in a smoking session… the first hit of Birthday Cake was an experience that captivated all of my senses making the moment unforgettable. I wanted to tell people about my experience with this “Birthday Cake”. Every time you hit it, it’s like your birthday again. Birthday Cake is a hybrid strain 60/40 indica dominant that leaves you in pure bliss from the sweet, kush smell rolling up to the first hit tasting like Cherry Pie.

Photo Credit: Life Flower Dispensary

This particular version of birthday cake is my favorite… Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies… who has had GSC? Lawdy, EVERYONE loves the real Girl Scout Cookies. Girl Scout Cookies are always my favorite go to strain because it’s starts my day right and it also puts me in a better mood. In combination with the sedating body effects from the Cherry Pie, there is absolutely no wrong you will feel selecting this strain. True to its name, the Cherry Pie strain lingers on your taste buds as you exhale this sweet treat while you drift off into relaxation you probably could feel each stress drifting away one by one. The uplifting mood takes effect almost instantly whereas the indica body high takes about 15 minutes to kick in. Oh and lastly, before you take flight with Birthday Cake make sure you’ve got drinks and snacks because you will be having your cake and EVERYTHING else, too.


Here’s the catch: with so many dispensaries and so many strains this one is exclusively found here in Denver. 

If you’re visiting or live in Denver, this strain is found at:

 Life Flower Dispensary

4966 Leetsdale Dr.

Glendale, CO 80246

Remember to check out and

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