On The Rise Author Sharnel Williams “What Do A Woman Do?” Interview

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What would you do if you took your 11yr old child to the doctor, for a routine visit only to find out that the child has Leukemia/CANCER ? No this can not be, No not my child, No not my baby. All of a sudden your entire world stops… Forget The Summer Vacation or The Family Barbecue planned. How can I be strong for my child, when I am weak… I look to the sky and ask “What Do A Mother Do”?
“What Do A Mother Do? “Is written by Sharnel Williams, a mother who lost her son Shakil, 2 days after his 12 year old  birthday and 6 months after being diagnose with cancer. Read her story, Share her pain. Allow her to Empower You, and watch her become an “Advocate For Cancer Awareness”. Not only for my her  Shakil, but for all children.
OTR: Tell us about the title of your novel and what it’s about?
Sharnel Williams: My book is a true story about my son battling leukemia
OTR: Is this first book and do you intend to write and release more books in the future?
Sharnel Williams: Yes! This is my first book. I will write plenty of more books. Me and 2 others authors are working on one now.
OTR: Did you self-publish?
Sharnel Williams: I went with a publish company.
OTR: How do you feel about self-publishing and traditional publishing?
Sharnel Williams: Now, that I know a lot more about publishing. I will publish my books myself.
OTR: How long have you been writing?
Sharnel Williams: Well, I first started writing after my son passed away. It was back in 2006.
OTR: What inspires you to write?
Sharnel Williams: The passing of my son. Believe it or not, writting was far from my mind. Never thought about writing.
OTR: How often do you write?
Sharnel Williams: I’m working on a book now, my own. Plus, working with the other 2 authors on our book. Hopefully it will be out by the end of the summer.
OTR: Being a writer, what have you learned about the publishing industry?
Sharnel Williams:  Do you want the truth, lol? You can’t trust no one.
OTR: When you aren’t writing, what do you like to do?
Sharnel Williams: Listening to music and watching reality shows.
OTR: What is the toughest thing about being published author?
Sharnel Williams: Promoting my book
OTR: Which rituals do you use while writing?
Sharnel Williams: It depends, what mood I’m in. Listening  to music sometimes, or it will have to be quiet in the house.
OTR: What do you hope to accomplish as a writer?
Sharnel Williams:  One day being on the top seller list. Having people really listen to my story and understanding where I’m coming from.
OTR: What are your final words for aspiring authors?
Sharnel Williams: Never, let know one tell you, you can’t be a writer. And always believe in yourself and never take no for an answer.
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