Atlanta Knows 808v

Who is 808v?
808V has been establishing himself among the current industry of emerging hip hop greats. 808v has connected and dedicated time, innovation, and strategic marketing strategies to members of today’s hip hop society such as Trap Music Producer TM88, chart topping producer Metro Boomin, Southside, and DJ Speedy. Through his own innovative marketing platforms, the young networking expert has developed a solid following for most entertainers to be presented to.
With his savvy business charm, and fluidity, he has been able to gain instrumental positions to provide exposure for his whole team. The multi-talented 808v formulated 808 Mafia TV which broadcasts Trap Music and the artists, producers, and DJs behind the movement. He is responsible for the day to day tasks of TM88, and maintains experience as a manager, previously managing the career of Nino Cahoots. The young man is always going. His field is video production and he is working on series of documentaries which include TM88, Black Metaphor, and a plethora of other music makers. His goal is to give “Shine to the producers.”

His love for music is evident in his voice. “My love for music is inspired by the grind and the lifestyle.” He stands strongly behind the producers, specifically, “My top 5 producers, I would have to say Southside, TM, Metro, SD, Stacks from Cincinnati, and one more, Black Metaphor.” 808v is forward thinking and surely all about team work. He is formulating mini tours, providing placements, advertising methods, and compiling partnerships. 808v works closely with 107.9 and has been a long-time friend to Gambino of the Durrty Boyz. “My bro Gambino is an up and coming host, so if you tune in at 6 O’clock Monday through Friday if you in Atlanta, you can hear my bro Gambino on the mic.”

At just 26 years old, he has already accomplished so much. Being from a military family, it’s natural for him to slide into any arena and take control. He looks at his team as investments turned to family, so everyone is filled with the go-getter spirit. He is a diligent force behind the betterment of the society. He participates in feeding the homeless on Sundays, charity drives, and even looks forward to authoring children’s books. This young man is definitely On The Rise. “Where would you know me from? Atlanta know me.” Look out for 808v! He is making major noise in the industry.

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