ATL Hot Spotz Review: Harlem Nights With Mr. Black Events


A Night That Went Off Plan (And Not in A Good a Good Way)


People have common reasons for why they choose a party venue over another. Harlem Nights is known as a hotspot and it’s right in the heart of downtown with $10 parking as proof. The club turned out to be a place that milks you for your money without much in return. Don’t ask for their word because or don’t take them seriously because Harlem Nights sure doesnt.


Most people who say that they don’t deal with club scenes anymore, have the levels of dishonesty from promoters and owners as a big reason. I can say that Harlem Nights  was exactly that, unprofessional service. I won’t group the waitresses and door women in that circle because they seemed genuinely understanding and tried in their power to be helpful. They only knew so much about what fineprint wasn’t communicated to the club-goers.


What happens after you’ve paid for parking on a Saturday birthday night and you relay to your guests you had a table waiting with free entry but, you show up to see this isn’t the reality?  You end up paying more for the unnecessary open exclusive table and entry fee you weren’t prepared for, in attempts to not spoil the night. More money in the promoter’s (Mr. Black Events) & owner’s pocket as well, so they aren’t complaining in their short-term thinking.


Harlem Nights is a place that takes their crowd and popularity for granted and this will be seen in the long-run. If it weren’t for the polite staff, it may have gone downhill a while ago.


Looking at the club as a whole, the setup was nicely lit with free small martini samples labeled as a free whole drink (see flyer), and a good amount of booths. It’s not a big club but it is decently sized with several areas, which mostly blocked off booths, and they do have a second level.the dance floor was well populated and the music was good.
At the end of it all, if it is a night where you don’t want much pre-planned and don’t mind just being another number with vacuums to your pockets, it’s a 3 out of 5. It’s not a place for special occasions and detailed nights out such as birthday celebrations unless everyone in your party gets there by 10pm at best (and you may still have issues with seating). Here, you can only hope that better communication and respect is provided when any A-list celebrities come by. I’m sure they don’t hesitate to try to suck their pockets dry as well.t


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