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In most cities, the weekend is the ONLY time to party!  The average American is constricted to a boring, mundane, socially lackluster night life. Monday through Thursday is typically WORK – WORK – WORK! They clock in, do a little work, clock out, complete their daily errands, and go on home to repeat the routine and wait for their chance to let it all out during the upcoming weekend.


Welcome to Atlanta! The place to be! In Atlanta, one can party every night  of the week! Stressful day at work? That’s O.K.! The night will bring new adventures! The night will bring new experiences! The night will bring new friends! The night will bring new selfies for Instagram and Facebook! Which night? Every night!!


Yes! Every night! Even Monday night! Now, you may be wondering, what in the world can one do on a Monday night? Well in Atlanta, the only place to party is Prive’. Exquisitely placed in the heart of the most lavish lights of Downtown Atlanta, Prive’ represents the privileged individuals who have the opportunity to bypass the long lines, enter V.I.P., and mingle with the stars!


Everyone who is anyone goes to Prive’ on a Monday night! Atlanta’s hottest event planner/promoter is responsible for the elaborate party which features celebrities such as Wiz Khalifa, Stevie J., Jeezy, Meek Mill, and more! Prive’ Mondays is appropriately themed “Opium Mondays” as it is excessively addictive and leaves visitors craving more! The ambiance, the energy, the soundtrack to this Monday night movie is conducted by DJ Loso, a talented DJ who knows how to set the mood! He blesses the masses with a variety of different sounds from Katy Perry, Joseline Hernandez (well, Joseline Jordan :D), Bob Marley, Rich Homie Quan, Beyonce, to Color Me Badd. The entire club is surely satisfied as they often take up a dance partner in the nearest stranger.


The staff is amazing at “Opium Mondays”! At the bar, be greeted by the most beautiful bartenders to ever be seen! These bartenders may serve a mean stiff Long Island Iced Tea (which is by far the best drink on the menu), but their charm and charisma is far from stiff! These beauties will sit back and have conversations to make patrons feel welcomed (and ensure that a little extra dough is spent), ensuring exceeded customer service! By the end of the night, it will be simple to pour out every last detail… right down to the kids’ names and their summer plans and what was for dinner! I mean- these bartenders are so personable, that they get to know people by name. The scene kind of reminds me of that show, Cheers.



At “Opium Mondays”, even the security personnel are courteous and polite. Dressed in a suave all black attire, neatly starched and pressed, single ladies may be compelled to flirt a little, spark a conversation, and leave the digits… unsuspecting that the suave sexy gentleman in all black is actually hired to ensure the patrons are protected. The security politely assists ladies up and down the steps of V.I.P. and up the hallway to the bathroom.

Speaking of bathrooms…my oh my! The bathrooms at “Opium Mondays” are always impressive! Clean stalls, no writing on the walls, tissue in each stall, soap at each sink, and paper towels readily available. I would say that alone deserves “5 Stars”! I’m just saying! A well maintained bathroom says a lot about an establishment!


To say the crowd matches the beauty of the establishment is an understatement.  “Opium Mondays” certainly gives exceeds expectations! There are more beautiful ladies with PHDs and Benz whips, more handsome professionals with big paychecks and appealing personalities, more premium drinks – appropriately priced at “FREE” for ladies before midnight, and more lavish VIP sections priced at reasonably (Starting at “FREE” for the “IN” crowd, groups of ladies, and birthday parties -pre-booked, of course) to get your week started off right!


Being on a budget is not even a problem! At “Opium Mondays”, being in the “IN” crowd is pretty simple! Just log on to and join the VIP list and receive invites to all the hottest parties in Atlanta, guaranteed! No Gimmicks here!! People party for free! Reasonably speaking, a parking expense of $5 is about the only monetary payment that is necessary. Enjoy the crowd, enjoy the music, enjoy the drinks, enjoy each and every Monday at “Opium Mondays”.  After all, In Atlanta, we don’t wait until the weekend let it all hang out!




Xtra Angel
ZodiaK * GirlZ LLC


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