Ask Me Why I’m Fly

What is fashion? Fashion is a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manner of behaviors; this is what the dictionary has to say. When it comes to clothing fashion is more than a trend; it’s more than what’s popular. Fashion is ownership, a self expression through dress. Fashion is everything you do from your head to your toes.

Ask Me Why I’m fly; I don’t care about the opinion of others. If you don’t like how I dress, the way I wear my hair, the shoes I wear, guess what! I don’t care. Too often people care too much about what others may think. The reality is everyone is not going to like you or like what you do or how you dress and that’s okay. Why? Because you are not going to like everyone or what they do or how they dress!  Aim at pleasing yourself and pay things that don’t matter no mind.


Fashion is so much more than just clothing and expressing yourself; it also reflects mental stability. If I were to come to work wearing two different shoes and my shirt was buttoned up wrong or inside out, would you ask if I was okay? Of course! Because I am wearing two different shoes and my shirt is buttoned wrong or inside out!! The way you dress is a self expression of you as a whole. They say a first impression is a lasting impression, how you present yourself to the world is your first impression. So why not be you? Show your best hand and watch what you attract!


Ask Me Why I‘m Fly; When I get dressed, I get excited!!! My process is like none other. I take time to decide how I will do my hair and I try a couple different looks. I then go to my shoes closet, once I decide what shoes I want to wear, I then decide if I am wearing a blazer or long sleeves as they are all in the same closet. Then I go to my clothes, now this always takes times, depending on the shoes I have picked out I decide skinny leg or boot cut, maybe even a dress or skirt. I also choose if I want to wear a light or dark color bottom. Well, if I choose a dress I’m done, but for everything else I have to choose my top according. My make-up is to follow and now I’m ready to take it to the next level and start my day head on.


When you look good, you feel good! You have that power in your closet, in your make-up bag, more importantly in you. Whatever it is that make you feel like you are unstoppable, do it every day!!! For me when I feel like I look my best there is nothing to stand in my way. I keep an extra pair of heels in my car, just in case I feel like the ones I chose won’t do the job.  Always be prepared and let nothing stand in your way.

Fashion is only the beginning!

Ms. Hollywood



My goal is to change the way women/men think and feel about the clothes they wear. Classy. Sophisticated. Fun. Email:

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(Photo’s taken from Ashley Nicole’s “closet”, courtesy of Ashley Nicole aka Ms. Hollywood)

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