ASCAP: The ins and outs of registering with this PRO.

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So last week, we were discussing BMI. I told you about the benefits of registering with them. Seems pretty legit, if you ask me… And since you’re reading this, well, I guess you’re asking me! Remember, there are 4 PROs that you have a choice to register with. There’s BMI, ASCAP, SEESAC, and SoundExchange. At the end of this series, I’ll do a side by side comparison of the four.

This week, we’re taking a look at ASCAP. ASCAP stands for: American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. There are 7 national offices located in NY, London, Miami, Atlanta, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, and Nashville. There are 555,000 composers, lyricists, songwriters, and music publishers across the nation. ASCAP is the only PRO that is created and controlled by composers, lyricists, songwriters, and music publishers. I guess they have that whole FUBU philosophy going on. That has to be a great benefit for the members considering the regulations and programs they create are more centered towards taking care of its members.

ASCAP is pretty cool because it is run by its members. It’s the one PRO that prides itself with “nurturing music makers throughout their careers.” They also get their members up to .88¢ royalties, which according to their site, is the highest distribution ratio in the U.S. They are pretty quick with delivering as well. ASCAP pays royalties up to 8 times a year. ASCAP doesn’t hold any secrets as they are the only PRO to provide full disclosure of financials to their members and the public.

ASCAP offers a variety of workshops, clinics, showcases, and general support for its members. They are also the first to distribute royalties for performances on the internet. ASCAP knows the struggle of the On The Rise composers, lyricists, songwriters, and music publishers, so they treat their members the same; There is no distinguishable between veteran and novice members. ASCAP is the one PRO that claims to fight for the rights of their members. They actually hold an annual membership meeting to discuss with members the operations, goals, and execution of business. Members are encouraged to come and ask questions and voice their opinions.

ASCAP enlistees include such names as Duke Ellington,Katy Perry, Jay-Z, Leonard Bernstein, Beyoncé, Marc Anthony, Alan Jackson, Henry Mancini, Hans Zimmer, Ne-Yo and many, many more! Becoming a member of ASCAP awards you a membership card as well! This card has a plethora of benefits, discounts, and deals for members. The fee to join ASCAP is $50.

I think, overall, this PRO majorly benefits its members. It’s well worth the 50 bones to join! To learn more, check out their site! 

Make sure you are doing your own research!!!


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