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November 2013 brought on an entirely different world to Village Smoke Shop manager Trap when he began working for Liz and Stephanie.  Stephanie, the hiring manager, gave Trap his first shot into the world of vape pens, though he had first-hand experience on how Vaping could truly change one’s life.


Just two years before (December 2011), Trap had quit smoking with the aid of the BLU electronic cigarette, going from almost a pack a day to zero in under thirty days.  Back then there were pretty much only disposable e-cigs, and so I witnessed (and participated) in what may have been the easiest and safest quit-smoking-cigarettes solution in the market.  Fast forward to 2013, not only was Trap still a successful non-cigarette smoker, but he now also was selling e-cigarettes and more fun alternatives at Village Smoke Shop!


One of the alternatives to smoking cigarettes is the Vape Pen.  The latest versions of e-cigarettes contain a battery powered heating element (atomiser) that vaporizes e-liquid (e-liquid typically is comprised of four main ingredients: water, propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine and flavoring).  E-Liquid can come in different flavors (strawberry, coffee, 7-Up, menthol, mint, etc) and may or may not contain nicotine.  Vape pens also can convert over from e-liquid to wax concentrates, essential oils, and more.  Trap’s new campaign is to assist other’s in quitting the nasty habit of cigarette smoking and using nicotine, and will inform the public on safer alternatives and healthier living. “The body is your temple. It’s best to treat it right.  In fact, we’re looking for new On The Rise Magazine Vape Models  to grace the covers of our campaign ads and to be the face(s) of this campaign. ”



Vaping saves money. It’s truly become a hobby to some and a lifesaver to others.  For the thousands of family members that have lost loved ones to cancer from cigarettes, Vape Life has become a breath of fresh air.  And what’s so cool about vaping is that you can honestly vape anywhere and everywhere.  Whether it be church, work, restaurants, or in the comfort of your own boudoir. For many, vaping has become an essential part of their lives.


Vape pen’s sell anywhere from $25 on up (Average pen costs $40-$50), Vaping e-liquids is a money-saver.  With cigarettes going for an average of $5 pack, one pen can save a customer five times or more the cost of cigarettes.  The life of a pen depends on the user, but personally I’ve had mine for over five months and it’s still just like new (though I’ve had to replace the e-liquid tanks every once in a while, only $5 per tank).  According to Trap, the G-Pen is one of the most popular pens, which is an herbal vaporizer (we’ll talk about that soon).

For the remainder of August 2014, there is a new sale!  Trap is giving 20% off all vapes that are $50 or more (not to be combined with any other deal or promotion). Connect with him in the month of August at Village Smoke located at  736 C Ponce De Leon Ave, Atlanta GA 30306 (behind Chipotle’s and next to a tattoo shop)!!!


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