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On The Rise Mag is always has the latest BEST deals around.  In speaking with Platinum Producer Vance “Choo” Branch, we got an inside scoop on his life as a producer and also some of the deals he has going on during the time leading up to the Producers Beat Auction event to be held in Atlanta, GA during A3C Music Festival week.
OTRMag:   What does your trained ear tell you when you are reviewing a song to mix.
Choo:  Well, I’m a music producer first, I produced beats for Tupac, Ghostface, Wutang etc so my ears is always listening to the sound quality first. When I’m reviewing a project or song l listen to how the record is mix and listen out for any distortion and high frequencies. I have to see how can I bring the best mix and fullness to the overall record.
OTRMag:   What is mastering?
Choo: Mastering is the final phase of a any songs that’s recorded, mix and then needs mastering. Mastering is applying corrective equalization and dynamic compression, enhancers and warmth to your records in order to optimize sound translation on all playback systems. You almost have to get your song mastered today because if not Djs or radio stations don’t like play unbalance non mastered records.
OTRMag:   Who inspired you to mix and master?
Choo: Hmmm well like i mention before I’m not a mix engineer but who inspires me to produce and master is my parents and grandmother all have musical background and been in the business making records back in days on major labels.
OTRMag:  What makes your style stand apart from the rest?
Choo: I think my style stands apart because I know exactly what the streets like to hear in there car and speakers. I come from a era of analog tapes and 2 inch reel to reels recording in big studios. So my experience in the music industry for 24 years working with RZA, Tupac, Ghostface and so many others I just know and have that ear to put out quality records.
OTRMag:  What are you currently working on?
Choo: Currently I run the most innovative music networking event in Atlanta called The Producers Beat Auction. PBA is where you can come check out producers from all over the country and buy beats live on the spot and get a chance to meet top notch music industry people such as A&Rs, Labels, Managers etc., Also in the process of producing the Beat Auction ATL Reality Tv Show to pitch to some networks. I have some other things in the works just praying everything manifest like it suppose to.
OTRMag:  How much do you charge to mix and master; tell us more about your current promotion.
Choo: Right now, for mastering I have a special for indie artists $45 a song or $350 for 10 songs for more info you can go to my site
OTRMag: Thank-you for this quick Q & A.  Any last shout-outs?
Choo: Yes shout out to Attica and On The Rise Magazine for showing support, Everyone in Atlanta that comes to my events and support, My team and God for blessing me with all these visions.
Vance “Choo” Branch will be in Atlanta, GA October 9, 2014 for the Producers Beat Auction.  Be sure to check him out.


Date: Thursday, October 9, 2014

Location: Smith’s Ole Bar, 1578 Piedmont Ave,

NE, Atlanta GA 30324

Time: 7:00pm-2:00am

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