A “Q & A” with Rising Model Tori Grace



One of the hardest working women on the scene, Ms. Tori Grace, continues to grace headlines and make noise. With her distinctive looks and alluring, sparkling eyes, Tori Grace is certainly a “Fresh Face” in 2014. I was pretty thrilled to catch up to Tori and find out about her journey to success. She had a lot of great things to say about her experience as one of the hottest models to Grace the “A”.


OTR Angel – What are your goals in the modeling industry?

Tori Grace- Some of my goals include to go back to working radio and T.V. interviews. I’m a host on top of modeling.



OTR Angel- What are some of your accomplishments?

Tori Grace- I’ve been featured over 35 times in several different magazines and am currently working with Chicago artist Kieaun.


OTR Angel- Where have you been featured?

Tori Grace- I’ve been featured in Stunnaz Magazine, Street Report Magazine, Hot Block Magazine, Fyne Girls, Don Diva, Drum Squad DJs, Fleet DJs, Fleet Model of the Year –  just to name a few.


OTR Angel- What was a discouraging moment that you overcame in the modeling industry?

Tori Grace- A few personal issues like my former management taking money from my appearances and assignments without my knowledge. I would also have to say the reality that I am a business woman in a “man’s world”. Most guys don’t respect that.


OTR Angel- How long have you been a model?

Tori Grace- 3 years this November


OTR Angel- Who are your role models and inspirations?

Tori Grace- Tyra Banks, she’s a jack of all trades; Producer, Talk Show Host and Model all in One.


OTR Angel- When and what was the defining moment in your career that you knew you were fulfilling your destiny?

Tori Grace- [Laughs] I don’t think I’ve quite had that one yet. I will let you know when I get it.


OTR Angel- Who are your biggest supporters?

Tori Grace- Kieaun, the artist I work with, Carrie one of my business partners and fellow models. They’re always there at events and promoting via social media you name it. I love those two.


OTR Angel-  Who is your favorite photographer?

Tori Grace – Rious Design.


OTR Angel- What advice do you have for other models looking for their start in this difficult industry?

Tori Grace- Find what you want to do. Stick with it and don’t deter from it no matter what anyone says! Don’t sign up for a manager unless you’re getting gigs booked. Also, do not subscribe to management if that manager’s network is not as vast as your own. Look for a team that follows instruction, if your potential manager does not follow directions, do not hire them.


OTR Angel- Thank you for sharing with us!

Tori Grace- Thank you for the opportunity!


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