A “Q & A” with Rising Model Milan Jordan

In Atlanta, it really seems that every beautiful girl’s dream is to be a model. Flashing lights and beautiful scenery make it possible to make those dreams come true. The opportunities are endless! There is always a budding photographer looking for their chance to shine, so naturally, they partner with an on the rise model with star quality and create a solid brand partnership. There is always an innovative event coordinator waiting for the right face to host events and become iconic. The aspiring model in Atlanta can always find an avenue to receive exposure.
   About a year and a half ago, I came across a beautiful spirit while recruiting for my female marketing company, Zodiak Girlz, based right here in Atlanta. Milan Jordan stood out and her looks instantly grabbed my attention. I had to meet her this exotic beauty with the alluring, captivating appeal.
    One summer night in 2013, I held an orientation for the selected models at popular night spot, Signature Lounge on Trinity Ave. Milan was one of the 16 models that attended the event. She stood out instantly. Milan was friendly, high energy, positive minded, helpful, and driven. I knew she would go far as a model. I looked forward to working with her.
    Today, Milan Jordan lives in California. She is persistent with the pursuit of her life’s calling. She is certain that she will become a household face and a role model for other young women looking to establish their careers. Over a year later, Milan is still working hard. Her values and goals are concrete and she cannot be deterred. I actually caught up with Milan and asked her a few questions, and in this interview, she has revealed secrets to other rising models.  I am proud to present to you, The Milan Jordan, model On The Rise.
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OTR Angel – What are your goals in the modeling industry?
Milan Jordan – My goals in the industry is to show versatility. I love embracing my flaws and best features as well. I want to be an example that anything is possible. Modeling is my start. I soon will be transitioning into acting.
OTR Angel – What are some of your accomplishments?
Milan Jordan – I’ve been a promotional model on and off for 4 years for various companies. I’ve been featured in music videos as well as top indie magazines, websites and a published cover girl. More to come.
OTR Angel – Where have you been featured?
Milan Jordan –  Some of my features include Stacked Models Mag, Fyne Girlz Mag, Dynasty Series Site, GGurls, Wiz Daily Dose Hip Hop, Book Dex Chicago Mag, finally On The Rise Magazine, as well as various other blog sites and media. Also a host of several events.
OTR Angel – What was a discouraging moment that you overcame in the modeling industry?
Milan Jordan – In the beginning it’s always discouraging. It’s hard to get your foot in the door. I got turned down for a few things because of my height. I wanted to call quits. And then in other areas I’m too curvy or not curvy enough. But I realized there will always be several no’s before you get your yes. When opportunity doesn’t knock build a door for them to knock on. There are so many aspects of modeling that women of all sizes can pursue just find your niche 🙂
OTR Angel – How long have you been a model?
Milan Jordan – I’ve been modeling for 5 years but professionally for 3 years.
OTR Angel – Who are your role models and inspirations?
Milan Jordan – My role models are Halle Berry, Josephine Baker, Nia Long, Jada Pinkett and Tyra Banks. These women have lead the way for young women as myself to be powerful women in society and triple threats. Not only models and actresses, but also as businesswomen.
OTR Angel – When and what was the defining moment in your career that you knew you were fulfilling your destiny?
Milan Jordan – When I decided to move from my hometown Chicago, I then knew I was taking my career into my own hands. I knew that I will go to extreme measures to make things happen.
OTR Angel – Who are your biggest supporters?
Milan Jordan – My mother and my two brothers are my biggest support system. I love them dearly! Chicago and Atlanta are also two cities that are very supportive of the Milan brand. I can’t thank you guys enough.
OTR Angel – Who is your favorite photographer?
Milan Jordan – I actually don’t have just one favorite photographer. Some great photographers I’ve worked with are @industryimage @bookdex @nickskillz @shawndarnell @fsofantasyphotography and many more. I also admire a few people’s work that I hope to work with soon such as @2020photography, @roblo305,  and @facetstudio.
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OTR Angel – What advice do you have for other models looking for their start in this difficult industry?
Milan Jordan – Invest in yourself. Build your portfolio with quality photos only. Be careful of scammers., always ask for questions  and referrals. Know the difference between management and booking agent. Stay in the mix, network your butt off!!
OTR Angel – Any shout-outs?
Milan Jordan – Thank you, Angel, for featuring me and always working with me and supporting me! Shout Out to The On The Rise Magazine!
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