#30DaysInTheRaw: Thumbs Up to Songhay!

(Songhay Parham, Healthy Life Enthusiast)

On our journey to a healthy life, it is awesome to have some support. The community of people interested in a healthy life who are participating in the #30DaysInTheRaw Challenge have shown their interest through a plethora of interactive posts, photo shares, and general encouragement for their fellow participants. In scrolling through the posts of the Raw Food Challenge participants, I found enthusiast, Songhay Parham. Here is what she had to say about her experience participating in #30DaysInTheRaw:  A Raw Food Challenge for a Healthy Life:


OTR Angel – Hi there! How are you today?


Songhay – Good day Angel, I’m great today!


OTR Angel  -How has this #30DaysInTheRaw experience been for you?


Songhay –  I am proud of my tenacity. Five days may not be long to some but for me its major. I grow bored easily. This challenge has kept me engaged and overall I feel better for it than not.


OTR Angel – What motivated you to participate?


Songhay –  Chef Beee is my childhood girlfriend. She has been health conscious for a long time. If you asked me to participate just one-year ago I would have flat-out declined. I entered the 40/40 club this past April and have run out of tomorrows to start losing weight and getting in shape. Ultimately, I wanted more energy and to just feel good about myself. I have lost 7 pounds! That is motivation enough for me. 


OTR Angel – What has your favorite meal been?


Songhay – I have three favorites…Marinated Collards, Fried Rice, and the Melon Smoothie.


(Marinated Collards w/ avocados)


OTR Angel – Would you consider a Raw food diet for life?


 Songhay – Honestly, I don’t know quite yet if I can maintain this diet for a lifetime.


OTR Angel – Thank you for participating! We certainly appreciate it!


Songhay – Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts. Have a great day and weekend.



Marinated Collards w/ avocados – http://quicheandtellatl.com/page/2/


Enter The Circle and Live Healthier! – https://www.facebook.com/events/702035553224770/


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