#30DaysInTheRaw: A conversation with the expert, Chef Beee!

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Armed with education for healthy living from the Living Foods Institute, day time mathematics instructor, Professor Natasha D. Brewley is prepared to assist anyone along their journey to a holistic lifestyle. Certifiably one of the most knowledgeable raw food experts in Atlanta, Brewley offers vegan alternatives to clients who are adamant about living well and living longer. “Being more conscious about lifestyle, appearance, wellness- Spiritual wellness, what you put in your hair [the black woman],” says Brewely, “ what you put in your body, all of those things, [people should] be mindful about.”  Brewley, appropriately dawned “Chef Beee”, is also owner of the infamous enlightening vegan food service, Quiche and Tell. Chef Beee’s Quiche and Tell is a vegan, holistic firm which is accessible to the public for in-home demonstrations, phone consultations, catering, and general support. It is obvious that Chef Bee is no stranger to converting people from an unhealthy carnivorous lifestyle; she is also the second half of the organizers for the #30DaysInTheRaw raw food challenge.


It is undoubtedly Chef Beee’s main objective to demonstrate to people how enjoyable eating healthy is; she posts delightfully colorful recipes, vibrant vegan food photos, helpful lifesaving tips, and effective advice, daily on how to start and maintain a vegan diet.  She insists on helping her friends and family become more enlightened about living healthy through diet, but not imposing on them. “I am an educator, so sometimes when you are trying to show people how to eat better, it sounds like you’re preaching, and people don’t hear you.” Says Chef Beee.  Instead of “preaching” to her friends and family, Chef Beee decided that she would team up with longtime friend and colleague, Jamila Norman of Patchwork City Farms to create an interactive event that would surely change the way people think about health, wellness, spirituality, cleansing, and clarity as it relates to diet; Thus, the #30DaysInTheRaw: A Raw Food Challenge For A Healthy Life was born!

Starting September 15, 2014, Chef Beee and Jamila Norman, also known as Farmer J., launched #30DaysInTheRaw on Facebook. Each week, Chef Beee posts grocery lists filled with grains, nuts, fruits, berries, seeds, and organic spices and seasonings. She posts daily menus to provide instruction on “Raw Food for Dummies.” Reasonably priced, the lifestyle of living raw is attainable on any budget. At most, the cost of a healthier lifestyle may increase by 10% of the normal grocery purchase, but according to Chef Beee “It only takes for people to change their perception of food and what they spend their money on to appreciate the balance.”  Surely enough, the perception is rapidly changing as the response to the #30DaysInTheRaw has become tremendous!

“I am extremely appreciative of the participation in the challenge!” says Chef Beee of the 120 plus members of the Facebook event “30-Days in the Raw!!!” Each day, members post photos of their food preparations, commenting, liking statuses, participating in polls; they provide a real organic sense of promotion! #30DaysInTheRaw allows everyday people an opportunity to engage and participate in a healthier life style by changing their diets to a “raw food only” regimen.


(Marinated Collards)

 If you ask Chef Beee why a vegan lifestyle is so essential, she will tell you that about two years ago, she attended the Living Foods Institute to better her health. She says: “Three major things I have had to do is lose weight, reduce my sodium intake, and change how I view food altogether.” Chef Beee is certainly a noteworthy participant in the campaign for a healthier, happier, better life! She is pleased to serve our society with delicious all raw food substitutes as opposed to a diet filled with meats, GMO’s, and other harmful choices. She makes it easy as she helps her clients, friends, and family transition to a raw lifestyle. Participants are fully prepared for the challenge; Chef Beee explains, “We have an equipment checklist, I have a good blender I have a vita mix, I have a dehydrator, so when I soak my nuts, as soon as I buy them, I lay them out on the dehydrator, the next day, they are ready to eat and I also have a food processor.” The greatest aspect of a raw lifestyle is that you could always eat a salad! Chef Beee’s favorite meal so far in the challenge is the Marinated Collards.



(Trader Joes)

To enlist in an all raw vegan diet, shopping habits don’t have to change much! All grocery stores offer a variety fresh fruits and veggies and succulent seeds and nuts. “I recommend Whole Foods and Trader Joes.  I also suggest eating locally; the farmer’s market at Grant Park, Patchwork City Farms” Chef Beee Suggests. Most meals need to be prepared the day before, especially if nuts are involved. “But remember, I’m Chef Beee, so I know what to do in the kitchen” adds the expert, Chef Beee, commenting on her ability to whip up any raw meal. The cost of a raw food diet is relatively comparable to that of a diet containing meats and other unhealthy additives. On average, a family of four will spend about $120 a week on a fully raw diet. “I think it comes down to mindset” says Chef Beee about raw food costs. “People spend a lot of money on shoes, they spend a lot of money on clothes, but somehow when it comes to eating food, they want the cheapest thing; [Spending more money on material possessions than food] is counter intuitive to me, it doesn’t make sense.” Chef Beee enjoys educating people and assisting them with nutritional enlightenment.

What do you do after a night on the town and you’re hungry?! Rest assured! “If you’re just out and about partying”, says Chef Beee, “and you’re hungry, there’s R. Thomas!” She goes on to list the menu at R. Thomas word for word! That’s how you know the food is good! Even more convenient, this healthy choice is available 24 hours a day. Honorable mentions for great raw food cuisine include Lovin’ it Live and Healthfull Essence.  Healthier eating and living raw doesn’t seem as impossible with such delicious menus from healthy sit-down spots!

So no excuses! It’s not hard to join the Challenge! Chef Beee provides specific details on how to live healthy through a raw food diet each day through her posts of daily delicious raw food recipes! There is a support team including great friends like Tia Marie, Songhay, Farmer J, and Attica Lundy to cheer all the participants on!  “Just try for a meal” encourages Chef Bee. “Just eat vegetables today! This is your own personal challenge to yourself!” No pressure. No foul no harm! The #30DaysInTheRaw challenge continues through October 15, 2014! Join today!






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