Denver’s 10th Annual Zombie Crawl Event Recap and Review

Brains That was the word of the day on Denver’s 16th Street Mall on Saturday October 17th 2015.  The reason for this word of the day is because it was Denver’s 10th annual Zombie Crawl.  “What’s this?”, you may ask. The answer is both simple and complicated.  The simple answer is that it is ever AMC’s The Waking Dead’s Cosplay fantasy.  The more complicated answer depends on who you talk to….

Radiant Remy Joh- Paralysed Mother Of Two

…the back story I’m Ranisha, I’m originally from Illinois and now I live in Tennessee. It wasn’t until I moved to the south that I felt so condemned at being a single parent. As if its not already something I’m  ashamed of. My mother was married to my father when she became conceived with me and my siblings. But he was incarcerated both before and after….. Back then they were…

Bordello and YDD Cosanostrakidd Str8 Off The Porch

Dear Trap Family, Smoke Break Cosanostrakidd … Took me by surprise….   The first time I ever noticed him was in the Skooly video thriller.  Automatically biased being a fan of “Westside” music and looking to the future… It’s looking good, pouring out liquor for the homies left an lasting impression on me as I thought about the ritual and what it means to young African Americans. Symbolic of mourning…

“The Love Thy Neighbor” Event Hosted by Deno’s Cuts Of Atlanta. Exclusive by @TheOneTrueAngel

The act of giving back is the most admirable gift anyone could ever give. What a blessing it is to a person on the receiving end to relic in the goodness of the hearts of others. Especially in the day and age where kindness is far and few in between, and mostly forgotten. For others to correlate in the selflessness of giving money, goods, services, and time is truly appreciated….