2013 Reflections of Philly Blocks

In the jungle that is the “On The Rise” fast paced environment, it doesn’t take much to get lost in the essence of the “struggle”.  For up and coming artist Philly Blocks, each day means that he’s one step closer to his dreams.  As On The Rise Magazine’s first member of project RISEN, he’s a witness to the blessings that come from hard work and endurance, and he has the heart to get through the jungle in one piece.  I had an opportunity to check in with Philly Blocks. Here’s what he had to say…
OTRMag/Attica:   I’m thinking of your new single, 2013; what was the biggest hit, good or bad, that you received in 2013?
Philly Blocks: In 2013 I was suffering from depression and very bad luck. I always been a threat even as a local upcoming artist, so I dealt with false rumors spread about me, battling with lean addiction, along with people you felt you trusted steal from you. Last year was rough. I went through it all rumors, relation problems, trust issues,etc that I still battle with today. I’m blessed though to be here that was the best thing that happened last year is that I dodged death multiple times and here to receive blessings.
OTRMag/Attica:  What has been the best part of 2014 so far?
Philly Blocks: The best part has been traveling in getting out of my city (Louisville,KY). Actually working and grinding dealing and shaking hands with millionaires. Your network is your net-worth so that lets me know where I’m going to be at real soon independently.
OTRMag/Attica: Are you enjoying the On The Rise Magazine RISEN experience?
Philly Blocks: Yes. Its getting me out my situation in the city.With no help or hope everybody hungry so it humbles me seeing new things being put to the test and seeing how bad I want this.
OTRMag/Attica: Who are some of the professionals you have met thus far since joining On The Rise Magazine?
Philly Blocks:  I met Mr.Hanky, DJ Jelly, Mykel Myers, Sean Paul of the YoungBloods, Money Designz to think of off the head
OTRMag/Attica:  So far, do you think you are going in the right direction as far as your career goes?
Philly Blocks: Yeah.Things don’t happen overnight, but this is what I want.  when you around people like them that are established it pushes you to get it, it motivation. I can finally get over not trusting people from the street aspect and learning how to put your knowledge from the streets into the music business. I’m learning from entrepreneurs, because what I wanna be, a boss Almighty Philly .
OTRMag/Attica:  Are people from your home town happy for you?
Philly Blocks: Lmao hell no Everybody hungry and looking for licks and come up. I live in the West End which is referred to as the Jungle and everybody wanna be somebody, but don’t grind in most cases. People looking handouts and people hate when you doing something and applying yourself, so they looking to knock you off by any means. I have close friends and family that really know my story and support me, but even at a time they doubted me so I take it with a grain of salt and laugh at it, it hurts, but I’m able to laugh about it now.
OTRMag/Attica:  What’s up for September and October for Philly Blocks?
Philly Blocks: September its just laying low, getting money, the regular and #KapoDay coming up September 10th. October I will be back in ATL for A3C hip Hop festival and meeting more people.
OTRMag/Attica:  Any shout-outs or honorable mentions?
Philly Blocks: Shout out to my squad #Team563, Winners Only Gang ,my publicist Attica Lundy for believing in me, Darnell Johnson for getting me here at this point., My momma and granny, My brody Big Q, Real Deal Lock ,Cino Fresh, My block 28th -n-Dixdale, and the West End of Louisville,KY  for making me who I am through good and bad situations.
Thanks Philly Blocks. We look forward to more Philly Blocks music!

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