@1CoolAmerika and @OfficialCoreDJ Meet & Greet in Louisville,KY. A #TeamRisen Exclusive by @PhillyBlocks


Who is Cool Amerika ??? The new hip hop duo from Atlanta should be familiar to the world with the #NoTaxes brand. Group members Bally & Stunt are picking up steam heavy with their new single, “Make Sum Shake” produced by the credit worthy Cassius Jay rotating heavy on airwaves and clubs. Cool Amerika has been on a heavy but rewarding promo tour with KingPin from Cool Runnings DJs and the Vice President of the Core DJs, Derek “DM” Jurand.

The AMG artist are building relationships with clubs, radio, and the streets. Traveling city to city shaking hands and putting in the proper ground work to¬†exceed to the level of stardom. Friday, May 22, 2015 Bally & Stunt made an appearance in Alpha Media’s B96.5 hip hop station to deliver their single to disc jockeys, program directors, and radio personalities. It was evident that while interviewing with Juan Hustle, Cool Amerika are truly believers and happy to display their brand and music to the nation.

After meeting with big heads in the office and leaving a great impression, Cool Amerika was of to the meet and greet for the public was located at Grady’s Bar & Grill in the heart of Central Louisville. All DJs and media were in attendence to witness the buzz and hype surrounding the duo. DJ EB and DJ Slikk who are the staple of the Kentucky division for The Core DJs, gave the stamp of approval breaking the “Make Sum Shake” single. After meeting them, they are young, focused, and humbled individuals who are enjoying every moment of the opportunity presented to them. Along with the crazy social media buzz, they are showing that the street work is the edge in today’s industry.






Cool Amerika- Make Sum Shake Prod. By Cassius Jay

Cool Amerika-No Taxes 2 Mixtape






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